why is my salt lamp leaking

Why is my Salt Lamp Leaking | Causes, Dangers and Solutions

Why is my Salt Lamp Leaking? is a famous question which is asked by many Himalayan salt lovers. We have discussed this in detail.

Himalayan salt lamps help heal, cure and bring an anxiety-free atmosphere around us. But, have you ever thought about how the lightning and gleaming salt lamps with multiple benefits can make your house vulnerable? The leaking and melting of salt is the main problem behind it. So, if you ask, Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Leak? Yes, they do. 

Several factors can make Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp Leaking water. The hygroscopic quality of the salt makes Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp Leaking Water. We illustrate the causes, dangers and solutions of the Himalayan salt lamps leaking water. So keep reading.

Causes of Salt Lamp Leaking| Why Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Leak?

We provide you with the reasons and causes that answer your query of Why is my Himalayan salt lamp leaking? Listed below are common causes of Himalayan salt lamp leaking fluid.

Hygroscopic Nature of Salt

Humidity is another factor that leads to a salt lamp melting. Hygroscopic salt takes moisture from the air. It also condenses water and collect it in the base. The most prevalent cause is saltwater. It is acidic and may destroy a salt lamp’s surface.


One of the most frequent causes of Himalayan salt lamps leaking water is moisture. Condensed water on the top can cause the lamp to leak. A moist environment encourages mould growth. If this happens, your salt lamp is in danger of rotting and deteriorating.

Humidity Level

Increasing humidity in the room can also cause a leaking salt lamp. Increased humidity will cause the salt to ooze out and cry. Place the lamp on a large plate or tray to avoid this problem. 

Salt lamps can condense moisture in the air when used in humid environments. When this happens, the saltwater may leak from the base. Excessive leaking can be dangerous and should be avoided. 

Tidbit: Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers are appliances that remove humidity and moisture from the air they are placed in. In very moist climates, using a dehumidifier resolves the humidity problem.


What Should I Put Under My Salt Lamp?

Can Himalayan salt lamps leak? Sure it does. The humidity inside a salt lamp will result in excessive moisture. This will eventually cause it to sweat and break down. Keeping a salt lamp out of high-moisture environments is another critical consideration. 

Place a Mat under the Lamp

It is feasible to use a salt lamp mat for several different purposes. It is best to keep it out of the water and away from metal surfaces. If you live in a humid climate, you may want to avoid using a mat because it can cause the lamp to become prone to corrosion. 

Damp Rag 

When storing your salt lamp, you should keep it on. A light bulb will warm the lamp and help to evaporate moisture. A damp rag or other material near your salt lamp can also be placed underneath to absorb any excess moisture.

Keep in the Room| Microfibre Cloth

The best place for displaying a salt lamp is a room with little humidity. Avoid placing it close to a window or in a humid environment. You should clean your salt lamp once a week with a microfibre cloth. 

If Not Using| Store in Airtight Container

When you aren’t going to use it right away, you should store the salt lamp in an airtight bag. In this way, moisture will not accumulate, and airborne allergens won’t affect the lamp. You can reuse this bag for as long as you like.

Salt Lamp Leaking Dangers

Do Himalayan salt lamps leak water, and if there are some disadvantages and hazards, it brings with it. If you are concerned about what issue and problems it brings, then these are: 

Contaminate Your Home

One of the most common salt lamp leaking dangers is that the salt will leak and contaminate your home. You should avoid this by following some practical precautions. 

Electrical Hazards

Do not soak your lamp in water, even if you are taking a shower. The salt in the lamp will melt and create electrical hazards, and you don’t want to endanger yourself and your family.

Dangerous for Your Pet 

They are not suitable for bathrooms or places with significant humidity. You should use a light bulb of five to fifteen watts. If the lamp is wet or has a broken stem, it can be dangerous for your cat and dogs.

Wet and Soggy Environment

Another common leaking danger is a wet environment. If the lamp is placed near an appliance, the water will mix with the saltwater and leak out. 

Corrosion and Stains 

Another common leaking danger is the water that drips from a salt lamp. If it leaks out, the salt in the lamp may get into the surrounding air, making it a health hazard. This type of moisture can also cause corrosion in the lamp, which can be dangerous.

Fire Hazard

Leaking salt lamps pose a fire hazard. As well as being dangerous to your health, it can also cause extensive damage to your home. 

Tripping Hazard for Children 

It’s not advisable to place a salt lamp on a metal surface. A salt lamp can cause corrosion and is a tripping hazard for children. Moreover, placing a salt lamp on a metal table can also be a tripping hazard.


How to Stop my Salt Lamp Leaking?  | Salt Lamp Leak Prevention

Why is my pink Himalayan salt lamp wet? You may be concerned about salt lamps leaking sometimes, but many quick fixes can solve the issue. We provide you with ways to deal with the salt lamp leaking or melting. These are:

Clean the Base of Salt Lamp

First, you should remove the lid and clean the base. It is possible to scrape the water out of the base using plastic gently. It is best to wipe off the crystals with a damp cloth.

Put Lamp in Shallow Dish

Place the salt lamp in a shallow dish. Saltwater damages the chord and forms a salt ring. Therefore, you should be sure to place a protective layer underneath the lamp, such as a salt lamp saucer or plastic placemat.

Dry off the Salt Lamp Completely 

Another essential thing is to dry off the water in the salt lamp. You need to drain the water first from the base. When this occurs, use a damp cloth to clean the salt lamp. Keeping your lamp dry is easy if you use a dry cloth. 

Place a Plastic Placement 

To clean the base, you may use a plastic placemat or a coaster made of plastic. If the drip is not a significant issue, you may simply store the item in a plastic bag.


Salt Lamps| How to Care for Leaking Salt Lamps

It is essential to understand how to deal with a leaking salt lamp. We illustrate how to deal with salt lamp leakage.

Shift Your Salt Lamp to Less Humid Place

Reduce the humidity surrounding the lamp to avoid salt lamp leaks. There is a greater chance that the lamp will leak if the room is humid. This will harm furniture and floors and is unhealthy.

Use Covering under the Lamp

Unprotected salt lamps may leak. Salt lamps sweat in humid regions. It may harm your home’s floor and perhaps spill your light. To prevent this, always put a protective covering beneath the bulbs. This layer will capture any salt lamp leakage.

Do Not Clean Lamp Bases with Metal

While salt lamp leaks are unavoidable, taking the necessary measures is critical. Avoid using metal tools that could damage your salt lamp’s base. Also, avoid touching the bulb with your hands.


Follow Proactive Approach| What to do when salt lamp leaks?

For Himalayan Salt Lamps Leaking, you first need to clean the lamp properly. A moist towel works well to remove it. Most of the time, it is simply salt water, and it evaporates, leaving salt crystals behind. In this situation, clean the lamp’s surface and any salt crystals accumulated on the base. Keep the salt lamp on most of the day; that will help evaporation. 

If the Himalayan salt lamp keeps leaking water, then you should unplug the lamp as quickly as possible.

Does a Himalayan Salt Lamp Work Well With Essential Oils?

The Himalayan salt lamp represents a significant financial commitment. It is a great way to get the aroma of various essential oils without spending a lot of money. To intensify the essence, put a few drops to water. When the salt heats up, the oil will diffuse into the air. It will create a beautiful fragrance, but the Himalayan salt lamp leaking liquid cause the place to be soggy.

When you rub essential oil directly on the surface of the Himalayan salt lamp, the scent will diffuse and release into the air. The aromatherapy benefits of the oil are absorbed into the air. There are occasions when Salt Lamp Leaking Oil, so if you want to avoid Pink Salt Lamp Leaking, be aware of the humidity factors.


Salt Lamp helps people to combat anxiety and depression. In addition, it provides the essence of better sleep, but the leaking problem can bring health and security hazards. So, keep cleaning the base to prevent the Himalayan salt lamp from leaking fluid.

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