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Is Salt Lamps Good For You & Your Health? 2021 Healthline Guides

Salt lamps are a fascinating way to add a relaxing, ambient glow to any space. Used for centuries in Asia and other countries, Himalayan salt crystal lamps are now gaining popularity in Western cultures as well. While they don’t quite fit into the “meditation” category like crystal angel or mediation bowls do, they can be used for just about anything you wish. Read on to learn more about the healing properties of salt and the various sizes and shapes that are available.

Helping properties of Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt lamps are very beneficial for asthmatics, both as a therapy and as a form of a treatment for asthma symptoms and attacks. By regulating the internal chemistry of the body, by lowering the concentration of histamines and other chemicals that cause inflammation and irritation, they can help sufferers with asthma deal with their condition. Even better, they come in all different shapes and sizes from large-box retailers and even on-line marketplaces, meaning that there is something for everybody. In this quick-tips post, we’ll cover just about everything you need to know about Himalayan salt lamp products, including their healing properties and how to select the right lamp for your needs.

One of the first benefits of these products, and really the reason why many people choose them, are that they increase the electrical conductivity of a room or space by creating positive ions. These positive ions cause the air in a room to become cooler, which makes it more comfortable to breathe and relax in. They also cause the air in a room to become warmer, which also makes it more enjoyable to breathe and relax in. In general, a Himalayan salt lamp is used to promote harmony in a space and to cast positive ions where needed, which is why they are perfect for spas, yoga studios, and other places where one would want to be surrounded by positivity.

Benefits in Home improvements and health

The second benefit of using Himalayan salt lamps is that they improve sleep and relaxation. It has been proven that the positive ions in the air cause a feeling of calmness and relaxation, which improves sleep and helps make the final stretch of the day easier to cope with. In fact, many researchers have confirmed that use of them can help you sleep better at night and feel less drowsy during the day.

The last benefit of these natural wonders of nature is that they can actually improve the health of anyone who uses them. Because of the positive ions that are emitted from the rocks, the salt rocks absorb moisture and become soft. This allows the natural crystals to heal themselves through what is called “salt therapy.” When you add fresh salt to rock salt, it will release more ions, creating even softer crystal and increasing its healing benefits. This process can also be done with other natural minerals, such as calcium and magnesium.


Overall, the evidence is strong that Himalayan salt lamps may be great natural wonders for your overall health. Their ability to heal through “salt therapy” makes them a better alternative than any over-the-counter drugs you could take, and their use as a natural energy tonic means that they are much safer than any other home remedies you could try for insomnia. However, it is important to note that the evidence on these benefits is largely unverified. More research needs to be done on their effectiveness, but the use of them in the right setting like an Amazon gift basket may be just the solution you are looking for. There are no negative ions emitted by natural crystals, so the only drawback may be that it takes longer to get the desired effects, but it is well worth the wait.

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