Pros and Cons of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Pros and Cons of Himalayan Salt Lamps | Are Salt Lamps Right for You?

Pros and Cons of Himalayan Salt Lamps is a hot topic to discuss among many salt products loving people.

Himalayan salt lamps are the talk of the town, aren’t they? Many have been discussing their advantages and disadvantages. Some portray it as faux, and some sing songs of its authenticity. Nevertheless, their fascination and attraction can pull anyone in. It brings beautification to the place. You may be wondering if you should buy one for your home. The beauty of these decorative lamps is that they are natural and provide a warm, calming light.

There are many reasons people are getting into buying it, including health and pollution cleansing.  Are these claims correct? Let’s find out how they work?

Mechanism of Salt Lamp| How Do Salt Lamps Work?

The positive ions from salt lamps have a measurable impact on our moods and physical health. Positive ions are usually linked to depression and other psychological effects.


So, How do Himalayan salt lamps work? Hygroscopy is the process through which the Himalayan salt lamp works. When it’s on, the crystals absorb water molecules in the air. They evaporate and leave behind trapped particles. The resulting vapour has the effect of removing contaminants in the air.


The lamp emits negative ions, which purify the air around it. The light’s negative ions also attract toxins from the air around it. Negative ions produced by salt lamps are harmless to our bodies. They neutralise the positive ions that are present in the air. They are also helpful in reducing stress.

Pros of Himalayan Salt Lamps

From the Pros and Cons of Himalayan Salt Lamps topic here are some pros. Himalayan Salt Lamps are hailed for the positive effects they bring. It includes the benefits from health to atmosphere and more. Include:

Himalayan salt lamps for anxiety| Do they Create Soothing Ambience?

Himalayan salt lamps for anxiety help people combat depression, anxiety, and insomnia. These salt lamps’ warm glow and negative ions create a relaxing, soothing ambience. They can even improve your mood. The benefits of Himalayan salt lamps for anxiety go far beyond physical health.

Enhances Sleep

These all-natural remedies may be able to help you sleep better and feel better. As a result, it has a calming impact on the body and helps people sleep better. Because of these characteristics, they make excellent bedside lamps. Yet the claims are not proved.

Effective Way to Improve your Mood and Energy

A Himalayan salt lamp may be an effective way to improve your mood. Negative ions in nature are a natural antidote to stress. The negative ions found in the Himalayan salt lamps help the body filter air better, increasing serotonin levels.

It is also known to increase your concentration and mood, and this may be an additional benefit of using a Himalayan salt lamp. It makes a person more active and agile that increases energy and productivity.

Breath Better with Himalayan Salt Lamp

A Himalayan salt lamp helps you breathe better and may even clean the air around you. Air enriched with positive ions stimulates your body to clear air more efficiently. The lamp may help you breathe better and avoid headaches by removing the pollutants.

The negative ions released by this lamp may protect your body from airborne germs. By blocking these foreign particles, your body can filter air more effectively. It may even prevent minor cold symptoms. Additionally, the negative ions can help you with vascular disorders.

Prevention of Allergies and Lungs

The Himalayan salt lamp can improve the air quality in your home by purifying the air, allowing the allergy sufferer to breathe easier. Those with asthma or allergies should consider using an air purification machine. These machines remove smoke, dirt, and mould from the air. They can also prevent the lungs from getting damaged.

Neutralise Harmful Electromagnetic Radiation

The Himalayan salt lamp works by absorbing the contaminants in the air and neutralising the positive ions emitted by your home appliances. It is an essential benefit for people constantly exposed to high-frequency electromagnetic radiation from their electrical appliances. A Himalayan salt lamp will help reduce electromagnetic radiation in any room it’s placed in.

Cons of Himalayan Salt Lamps

From the Pros and Cons of Himalayan Salt Lamps topic here are some cons. Despite the many benefits of Himalayan salt lamps, several drawbacks are considered. These are the possible Himalayan salt lamps side effects:

Salt Lamps Leaking| Is it Right?

Yes, they do. A common cause of salt lamps leaking is the presence of damp air in the room. This moisture promotes the growth of mould, which can cause a variety of infections and illnesses.

Tip: To prevent dampness from damaging your salt lamp, you can buy a dehumidifier and use it to keep your room more comfortable.

The next time you notice your salt lamp leaking, remember to keep it on a table or in a cabinet and make sure you keep it on. To prevent a salt lamp from leaking again, you should regularly inspect it.

Salt Sweating| Salt Lamps Melt?

Do salt lamps melt? While some types of lamps can cause melting, others won’t. Using the lamps in the right way is crucial. If you’re planning to use one as a decorative piece, consider the safety aspects before purchasing.

Sweating is the condensation of water on the lamp’s surface, which drips down. This problem is impossible to prevent entirely, but you can take a few precautions to keep it from melting. In particular, if you live in a humid environment, you should minimise the effects of salt sweating.

Tip: Don’t submerge your lamp in the water though they can handle small amounts of condensation, leading to electrical hazards.

Fragile and Heavy

As they’re thinly carved into shapes to illuminate the light, they’re easy to break if they slip or fall. So you need to handle lamps delicately. And they are usually heavy, making it difficult to port from one pace to another.

Tripping Hazard| Corrosive Behaviour

The Himalayan salt lamp is heavy and can cause corrosion if left unattended for long periods. When the lamp is left unattended, the water absorbed by the salt will dissolve the metal. Even a tiny blow or push can knock it over. If you are concerned that your Himalayan stone lamp will damage your furniture or metal surface, it is better to use a mat to protect it.


Triggering Headaches

They can trigger headaches by the continuous light into the eyes as you need to keep them on all the time to deal with dampness.

Himalayan Salt Lamps Dangers in a Word

  • The main one is the risk of fire or electrical fire.
  • Himalayan salt lamps are hazardous to pets. A pet licking the lamp might trigger severe allergic reactions.
  • Be wary of counterfeit Himalayan salt lamps.
  • Himalayan rock salt can get into your lungs and cause sodium poisoning.
  • They can cause signal interference and disruptions to nearby appliances.

Himalayan Salt Lamps: Things To Consider

Several factors need to be considered before purchasing a Himalayan salt lamp. These include:

Size and Weight: Choose the one according to your room size

Ionising Area:  Large one will better purify the air in the room

Warranty: Buying a salt lamp with a guarantee is the best option for air quality.

Price: How much are you spending? An authentic pink Himalayan lamp can break your bank. So choose wisely.


Tip: Authentic Himalayan salt will be flesh-coloured, while a fake has a peach-orange appearance

 Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

How long do salt lamps last?

If you use your salt lamp properly, it will last for decades. Do not expose the crystals to water. Moreover, you should avoid leaving it unattended, resulting in water build-up and shrinkage. You should also keep the lamp on at all times to prevent condensation and dry out the crystals.

Are Salt Lamps Good for Damp rooms?

The lamp itself is a natural dehumidifier, but you should not place lamps in damp rooms. Because of their natural properties, it can cause the lamp to leak. Since salt is hygroscopic, it can draw moisture from the air. Therefore, it can condense water if the room is humid.

Do salt lamps purify the air?

Do salt lamps purify the air? The answer is relatively ambiguous, but there are theories that these lamps create negative ions, which reduce the number of harmful particles in the ambient air.

Can salt lamps catch on fire?

These products are generally safe to use. There are specific measures you may take to minimise the risk of a fire. In addition, make sure to maintain your lamp correctly to prevent it from catching fire.

Maintaining a salt lamp: what should be done?

Some key things to keep your lamp intact:

  • You should first make sure your salt lamp does not leak as it can damage your electronics and your lamp.
  • A humid environment is not ideal for salt lamps.
  • To clean your salt lamp, use a lint-free cloth as metal brushes can scratch the lamp’s surface.
  • Keep your salt lamp away from the ground to keep it clean.
  • Salt lamps are self-cleaning, but they can get dusty or marked if not regularly cleaned.

Hope you enjoyed the complete topic of the Pros and Cons of Himalayan Salt Lamps.

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