4X Salt Lamps 2-4 Kg


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Everyone wants to feel alive and have energy. However, people with allergies often struggle to breathe even in their own homes. If you are one of them, the most important thing to do is to place a salt lamp where you spend most of your time. By placing the Himalayan 4X Salt Lamps, homeowners can instantly get rid of allergens from their homes.

Himalayan Crystal Rock Natural 4X Salt Lamps 2-4 Kg

2-4 Kgs (LARGE)

The Natural 4X Salt Lamps 2-4 Kg are the most popular salt lamp in the Himalayan. It is naturally shaped available in different sizes of width, height, and weight. The bigger the lamp size is, the bigger the radius of the room benefits from it.

Natural 4X Salt Lamps are a great way by which you can improve your overall health. When the salt gets heated by a candle or by an electric bulb it emits negative ions that are good for your health. The pollution and dirt can be eliminated by using these Natural Salt Lamps. These are quite natural and do not have any side effects. These products are prepared with Natural Salt Lamps crystals that have been created billions of years ago by God. They are easily available in salt mines throughout the world. These Natural Salt Lamp crystals usually emit an electric charge which is negative ions into the air and these ions are generally known as the vitamins of the air.


Beautiful Lighting

Better Air Quality

Uses less electricity than regular lighting

Improves Concentration and Energy

Subsides Asthma, Allergies, Headaches, Fatigue, Stress, Bronchitis and other minor illnesses

Easy Setup


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